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Port Kembla Steelworks Tour - 8th May

Port Kembla Steelworks Tour - 8th May

Port Kembla Steelworks Tour - 8th May

Date: 08-May-2019
Capacity: 30 (87% booked)


Date:  Wednesday 8th May 2019 
Time:  9:30am arrival time, tour will finish at around 1230pm
(the Steelworks Tour goes for approximately 2.5-3hrs) 
Address:      BlueScope Northgate Entrance, Springhill Rd, Coniston NSW 2500 
Cost:  $15 per person
RSVP: 2nd May 2019

Tour Description

An overview of the tour can be read in this link:

Clothing required for the tour:

- Comfortable fully enclosed footwear: No ballet flats, flip flops or high heels
- Calf length socks: No ankle socks or invisible socks
- Comfortable full length pants: Covering the ankle area

* Please be aware that the tour will include around 300-400 steps and collectively around 2-2.5kms of walking

* Please bring your own drink bottle for the tour as it can become quite hot whilst walking through the production areas

Tour terms and conditions

Please download the Steel Tour Disclaimer Form - if each tour participant could read over the document carefully, print out, sign and bring with you on the day of your tour it would be greatly appreciated.

Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer Form




* Required








Credit Card



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