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Silver Medal

This Award is made for outstanding contributions to the advancement of metallurgy, metallurgical engineering, materials science or materials engineering through management, teaching, innovation, development or research. The accent shall be on the word "outstanding". The contribution need not be made in the year of nomination since most contributions need to stand the test of time before they are deemed to be outstanding. The nominee need not be a member of the Institute, or a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.

a) The award may not be made more than once per year and it need not be made in any year.

b) A written nomination containing adequate biographical and descriptive material shall be signed by at least six members of the Institute and forwarded to the Honorary Secretary;

c) On receipt of the nomination, the President and Honorary Secretary shall appoint a select committee of not more than five persons, not all of whom are necessarily members of Council, to give an opinion in confidence on the merit of the nomination.

This opinion shall be reported in writing to the Honorary Secretary, who, in the event that the select committee's report is favourable, will arrange for a secret postal ballot of all Council members. The Medal shall be awarded when at least seven-eights of voting members of Council vote in favour.

d) In the event that the select committee's report is unfavourable, the Honorary Secretary shall inform the proposers in writing without disclosing the grounds for the unfavourable decision. The nomination shall lapse unless, within one month of the date of the Honorary Secretary's advice to the proposers, a majority of the proposers submit a written request to the Honorary Secretary that the matter be considered by Council.

e) Council may take any action provided that a secret ballot yielding seven-eights of council member's votes in favour is conducted before the award is made.

f) The Award shall be a solid silver medal to the design established, and a Certificate stating the reasons for the award shall accompany this. The President shall make the presentation at the earliest general meeting of the Institute following Council's decision to make the Award.

  • 1957Silver Medal - 1957 - C.Blazey
  • 1958Silver Medal - 1958 - J.N.Greenwood
  • 1960Silver Medal - 1960 - W.Boas
  • 1966Silver Medal - 1966 - J.G.Ritchie
  • 1968Silver Medal - 1968 - R.C.Gifkins
  • 1971Silver Medal - 1971 - L.E.Samuels
  • 1974Silver Medal - 1974 - H.K.Worner
  • 1978Silver Medal - 1978 - W.J.McGTegart
  • 1979Silver Medal - 1979 - J.W.Thompson
  • 1980Silver Medal - 1980 - A.L.Titchener
  • 1981Silver Medal - 1981 - M.Hatherly
  • 1982Silver Medal - 1982 - L.M.Hogan
  • 1983Silver Medal - 1983 - J.K.McDonald
  • 1985Silver Medal - 1985 - P.M.Kelly
  • 1988Silver Medal - 1988 - I.J.Polmear
  • 1992Silver Medal - 1992 - R.McPherson
  • 1993 Silver Medal - 1993 - B.C.Muddle
  • 1996Silver Medal - 1996 - B.T.Loton
  • 1998Silver Medal - 1998 - P.M.Robinson
  • 2001Silver Medal - 2001 - A.Brownrigg
  • 2004Silver Medal - 2004 - P.McCormick
  • 2009Silver Medal - 2009 - David StJohn
  • 2020Silver Medal - 2020 - Simon Ringer
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