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Welcome to Materials Australia

Our Vision is to be the peak materials technology body that provides its members with competitive advantage and access to networks into industry, research, education, government and the wider community.

In 1946 a merging of a number of related societies formed the foundation of today’s Materials Australia. Since then, changes in technology and society have created new materials and applications. The diversity in Materials has broaden the scope of interest within the community. Originally focused on servicing the needs of engineers and metallurgists, Materials Australia membership has emerged as a representation of the new world of materials. Our members have a wide and varied experience from working with light alloys, new metals to ceramics and composites.

Today we are witnessing a new revolution in the use of materials driven in part by the need to reduce the rate of climate change, improvements in health, commercial innovation and productivity. Our members are at the front edge of this revolution and Materials Australia is well placed to provide our members with access to new knowledge - not only to ensure a competitive advantage in business but more importantly to benefit the health and well being of the Australian community.

So what do we mean by Materials?

“Materials are physical substances used as inputs to production or manufacturing or simply to create something new. Basically materials are the pieces required to make something else. From buildings and art to stars and computers” Wikipedia 2007

Materials Australia’s membership is very diverse and includes our core general members, professionals such as our Certified Materials Professionals (CMatPs), plus a wide variety of corporate members.

Many of our members are located in the field of Materials Science or Materials Engineering.

“This is an interdisciplinary field involving the properties of matter and its applications to various areas of science and engineering. This science investigates the relationship between the structure of materials at atomic or molecular scales and their macroscopic properties. “ Wikipedia 2008

Our Business

Materials Australia, a not for profit professional organisation, is in the business of facilitating and serving the needs of both individual members and organisations. Our motivation is to identify and disseminate the latest knowledge in materials engineering and materials science in Australia and overseas. Our objective is to create an environment that allows our members to access this knowledge through a number of channels including networking, attending conferences, training and access to the latest publications.

Our Prime range of services is as follows:

  1. Providing Conferences and Seminars on the latest topics relating to Materials Science and Engineering.
  2. Enable strong networks through our State based events which are managed by committed Branch Committees.
  3. Represent the interests of our members to Federal and State Governments
  4. Effective links with other materials related associations, both in Australia and overseas.
  5. Provide recognition and status for those professionals working in the field of materials.
  6. Provide a range of publications relating to Materials.
  7. Provide access to leading edge training in Materials Science and engineering.
  8. Develop networks of Small Business Enterprises and facilitate learning and networking

For more information about Materials Australia call our office on (03) 9326 7266


Materials Australia is a Technical Society of Engineers Australia 


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