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ACT - 2014 - The Materials Chemistry Symposium

The Materials Chemistry Symposium

The Materials Chemistry Symposium was held at the idyllic beachside ANU Kioloa campus from 10 to 11 October. In total, 49 people from Australian National University, University of New South Wales, University of Newcastle, University of Sydney and Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation attended. 

The symposium was an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of Professors Ray Withers and Richard Welberry to materials chemistry on their retirement. Both Ray and Richard gave key talks on crystallography and structures, presenting findings gleaned over their decades-long research careers. Students and researchers reported their progress in structures in a variety of materials, while those unable to attend sent videos to greet two worldwideleading crystallographers. Ray and Richard also presented four awards. 

Ray Withers is one of the world’s leading electron diffractionists. When faced with difficult crystallographic problems, such as pseudosymmetry, modulations, disorder, or phase segregation, solid-state scientists don’t just call for electron diffraction data, they call for Ray. He has been particularly adept at taking the latest technical developments in experimental and analytical methods, and applying these to important problems in the broader science community

Richard Welberry is recognized worldwide for his seminal contributions to the measurement and interpretation of diffuse scattering and disordered systems. His contributions are becoming ever more relevant and influential as instrumentation and computer speeds become more powerful and the understanding of nanoscale order becomes more important.