Invited Papers:

Cost-Effective Manufacturing of Titanium Parts with Powder Metallurgy approach 1 - 8.

Developments in Hot Dipped Metallic Coated Steel Processing 9 - 16.
D.J Willis

Heat Treatment of Cast Tial-Based alloys 17 - 20.
M. H. Loretto, D. Hu, A. J. Huang, X. Wu

High Strain Rate Tensile Testing of Modern Car Body Steels 21 - 29.
W.Bleck, P.Larour, A.Bäumer

Market Development of Titanium in Japan and the Future Prospect 30 - 38.
K. Kitaoka

Oxide Scale Behaviour During Thermomechanical Processing 39 - 46.
J. H. Beynon, M. Krzyzanowski

Titanium Cost Reduction Strategies for Boeing aircraft 47 - 54.
R.R. Boyer, R.D. Briggs

Toward Development of Efficient Process for Titanium alloys 55 - 59.
H.G. Suzuki, Y. Zhao, L. Zhou, D. Eylon

General Papers:

A Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Borides Formed on Pure Nb and W 60 - 64.
M. Usta, I. Ozbek, M. Ipek, C. Bindal, A. H. Ucisik

A Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of Equal Channel angular Extruded Cu Measured by Tensile, Compression and Small Shear-Punch Tests 65 - 70.
F. Dalla Torre, C.H.J. Davies, J. Sandlin, R. Lapovok, P.F. Thomson, E.V. Pereloma

A New Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Deposition Process for Carbon and Titanium Thin Films Fabrication 71 - 76.
T. Paulmier, E.L. Izake, C. Runge, J. Bell, P. Fredericks

A Nitrocarburising and Low-Temperature Chromising Duplex Surface Treatment 77 - 82.
D.M. Fabijanic, G.L. Kelly, J. Long, P.D. Hodgson

A Novel Metallurgical Bonding Process and Microstructural Analysis of Ferrous Alloy Composites 83 - 88.
P.G. Huggett, R. Wuhrer, B. Ben-Nissan, K. Moran

A Simple Route to Grow Large Uniform Zno Rod-arrayed Films by Means of Functional Si Surface 89 - 92.
C. Liu, Y. Wu, O. Takai, Y. Masuda

Aluminium Prototypes by Selective Laser Sintering and Infiltration - A Review of Progress to Date 93 - 97.
G.B.Schaffer, T.B.Sercombe

Ammonia Dissociation in the Fluidised Bed Furnace 98 - 102.
P.C. King, R.W. Reynoldson, A. Brownrigg, J.M. Long

An Empirical Analysis of Nitrogen Pressure Effect on Grain Size Development of Nanostructured Ternary Nitride Coatings 103 - 107.
R. Wuhrer, W.Y. Yeung

Analysis of a Special Cold Rolling of Thin Strip 108 - 113.
Z.Y. Jiang, H.T. Zhu, A.K. Tieu

Application of Bending Under Tension Test to Determine the Effect of Tool Radius and the Contact Pressure on the Coefficient of Friction in Sheet Metal Forming 114 - 118.
N.K.B.M.P. Nanayakkara, G.L. Kelly, P.D. Hodgson

Application of Powder Metallurgy for the Production of Highly Porous Functional Parts with Open Porosity 119 - 122.
M. Bram, A. Laptev, H.P. Buchkremer, D. Stöver

B4c Reinforced Nanocrystalline Aluminum Composites: Synthesis, Characterization, and Cost Analysis 123 - 128.
J.M. Schoenung, J. Ye, J. He, F. Tang, D. Witkin

Bending Process of Metal Foil using a Sliding Tool 129 - 131.
Y. Marumo, H. Saiki, L. Ruan, K. Hamasuna, R. Nakagawa

Bimodal Structured Ti-Cu-Co-Sn-Nb Alloys with High Strength and Low Young's Modulus 132 - 135.
G. He, M. Hagiwara

Challenges OF Laser Cladding al7075 alloy with al-12Si alloy Powder 136 - 142.
Y. Durandet, M. Brandt, Q. Liu

Characterisation of Sol-Gel Process Employing Starch as Organic Templates 143 - 146.
S. Coombs, J.C. Diniz da Costa

Characteristics of Hvof Wc-Co Coating Used for Rocket Nozzle Application 147 - 151.
B.T. Sofyan, M. Stefano, H.J. Pardede, E. Sofyan

Characterization of Shear Failure of Metal Powder Compact 152 - 156.
Y. Taniguchi, K. Dohda, Z. Wang

Defect-Free Zirconia-Based Materials for Orthopaedic Implants 157 - 160.
M. Giuseppe, B. Leandro1

Deformation Behavior of Gravity Cast Mg-3al-1zn alloy During Hot Compression Test: a Study with Processing Maps 161 - 165.
L.G.Robin, G.Ganesan, K.Raghukandan, U.T.S.Pillai, B.C.Pai

Determination of Design Parameters in Metal Forging Process by using Fem and Neural Network 166 - 171.
S. Li, T. Mori

Determining Continuous Cooling Phase Transformation Behaviour in Ti-46al-8nb Using Jominy End Quenching 172 - 175.
D. Hu, A.J. Huang, A. Grégoire, X.Y. Li, Xinhua Wu, M.H. Loretto

Development and Application of ?-Sialon-Al2o3 based Sliding Gate Plate for Continuous Casting 176 - 179.
B. Zhu, C. Jin, Z. Li, S. Tian

Development of Combinatorial Electrostatic Atomization System 180 - 183.
K. Fujimoto, H. Takahashi, S. Ito, S. Inoue, M. Watanabe

Development of Surface Layers alloyed by Hpdl Laser on Hot-Work Tool Steel 184 - 189.
L.A. Dobrzanski, M. Bonek, E. Hajduczek, A. Klimpel

Effect of Flow Velocity on the Properties of High Pressure Die Cast al-Si alloy 190 - 195.
D.R. Gunasegaram, B.R. Finnin, F.B. Polivka

Effect of Mechanical alloying in the Formation of Intermetallic Nickel aluminide Via Reaction Synthesis 196 - 199.
R. Ismail, I.I. Yaacob

Effect of Processing Conditions on the Phase and Microstructure of Nano-Sic Produced from Rice Husks 200 - 204.
P. Limthongkul, K. Dateraksa, B. Suchatjaroenying, K. Sujirote

Effect of Silica Layer on the Catalytic Activity of Platinum on the Silicon Chip for the Microchannel Reactor 205 - 209.
T. Tagawa, H. Shimizu, H. Yamada

Effect of Strain Path on Texture Evolution in Interstitial Free Steel Subjected to Equal Channel Angular Extrusion 210 - 215.
A.A. Gazder, C.H.J. Davies, E.V. Pereloma

Effect of the Manufacturing Process on the Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of 2/2 Twill Weave Fabric Carbon/Epoxy Composites 216 - 221.
J. Zhang, B.L. Fox

Effect of Welding Factors on the Shape of Electron Beam Weld Zone of Ti alloys 222 - 227.
T.W. Park, S.S. Hong, I.O. Shim

Effects of Milling on Strength and Ductility of Mg Alloy 228 - 232.
B.W. Chua, L. Lu, M.O. Lai

Effects of Oxidization on the Ductility of Ti-6al-4v alloy During Superplastic Forming 233 - 237.
X.J.Zhu, M.J. Tan, S. Thiruvarudchelvan

Effects of Pressing on the Thermal Properties of al-Sicp Composites Fabricated by Plasma Spraying 238 - 242.
K. Euh, S.B. Kang

Electrical and Optical Properties of Znga2o4 Thin Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Deposition 243 - 247.
K. Mini Krishna, M. Nisha, R. Reshmi, R. Manoj, A.S. Asha, M.K.Jayaraj

Electroless Deposited Ni-B Film from alkaline Bath Under Sonication 248 - 251.
A. Chiba, H. Haijima, Y. Sasaki, W. C. Wu

Electroless Deposited Ni-B Powder from alkaline Bath Under Sonication 252 - 255.
A. Chiba, H. Haijima, Y. Sasaki, W.C. Wu

Enhanced Fatigue Resistance by Underageing an Al-Cu-Mg-Ag Alloy 256 - 261.
R.N.Lumley, R.G. O'Donnell, I.J. Polmear, J.R. Griffiths

Experimental Processing of FeCr Sigma-Phase Powders 262 - 267.
M.B. Cortie, J. Kerr, S. Nana, D.S. Knight

Fabrication of High Capacitance Ceramic-Polymer Nano-Composite Films 268 - 273.
Y. Kobayashi, A. Kosuge, T. Tanase, D. Nagao, M. Konno

Fabrication of Novel Metal Alloy Foams for Biomedical Applications 274 - 278.
C.E. Wen, Y. Yamada, P.D. Hodgson

Friction Behavior of Lubricant Pre-Coated Steel Sheet in Deep Drawing Process 279 - 284.
Z. Wang, T. Nakamura, M. Yamashita, K. Nishimoto

Friction Behavior of Lubricant Pre-Coated Steel Sheet in Ironing Process 285 - 289.
Z. Wanga, T. Nakamurab, K. Dohdaa, N. Uedac, K. Nishimotoa

Friction Stir Spot Welding of aluminum and Magnesium alloys 290 - 294.
A. Gerlich, P. Su, T. H. North, G. J. Bendzsak

Graded Hybrid Membranes for Microfiltration 295 - 300.
M. Bram, L. Zhao, H.P. Buchkremer, D. Stover

Grain Refinement of Magnesium-Aluminium Alloys by Iron Inoculation 301 - 305.

P. Cao, Ma Qian, D.H. StJohn

Grain Size Effects on Softening Behavior of Bulk Nanostructured Mechanically Milled Mg-5%Al Alloy 306 - 310.
B.W Chua, L. Lu, M.O Lai

Heat Resistant Magnesium alloys with Rare Earth and alkaline Earth additions 311 - 317.
Y. Sun, S. Xue, J. Bai, F. Xue

Hydrogenation and Its Effect on Behavior of Hot Deformation in Ti-6al-4v alloy 318 - 322.
D.L. Sun, Q. Wang, X. Han, Z.H. Li, T. Wu

Improvement in the Performance of Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells 323 - 326.
D. Menzies, Q. Dai, Y.-B. Cheng, G.P.Simon, L. Spiccia

Improvement of Tribological Behaviour of Thin Ni-P Layers on 4140 Steel by Treatment in active atmosphere 327 - 330.
K. Zangeneh, S. M. Monir-Vaghefi

Incremental Sheet Forming with an Industrial Robot 331 - 335.
L. Lamminen, T. Tuominen, S. Kivivuori

Influence of Second Phase Particles addition on Reliability of Composites with 3y-Tzp Matrix 336 - 339.
Z. Pedzich, C. Wajler

Interaction Between the Coating Characteristics of Galvanneal Steel and Forming Parameters During Flat Die Drawing 340 - 344.
N.K.B.M.P. Nanayakkara, J.M. Long, P. D. Hodgson

Investigation on Application of Discus Milling Process in Producing Al/Tio2 Composite Powders 345 - 350.
Z. G. Liu, S. Raynova, D. L. Zhang

Investigation on the Transformations in Ni2mnga by Capacitance Dilatometry 351 - 355.
X.D. Wu, T.R. Finlayson

Lubricating Effect on Density Distribution in Uniaxial Powder Compaction 356 - 362.
Y. Taniguchi, K. Dohda, Z. Wang

Magnetic Molding Foundry Process of Non Ferrous and Ferrous alloys 363 - 369.
P-M. Geffroy, J. Goni, M. Lakehal, E. Beaugnon, J-F. Silvain

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Alloy AZ31 after Equal Channel Angular Pressing 370 - 375.
J.T. Wang, M.X. Liang, Q. Kuang, M. Gurvan, G. Chen, K. Xia

Multiscale Nanostructured aluminium alloys: Processing, Microstructure and Properties 376 - 381.
B.Q. Han, D. Witkin, E.J. Lavernia


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