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ASM online courses available through Materials Australia:

We are pleased to advise that we are offering reduced pricing on our online courses.

These online courses provide you with an engaging learning experience. The courses may include flash animations, video of instructors teaching the course in a classroom, video segments from ASM's DVD series relevant to the learning material, and PDF's of instructor Power Points used in the instructor led training. 

Quizzes at the end of each lesson review the knowledge you have gained. A final exam is provided at the end of the course. You may save a partially complete final exam and return to complete it at a later time. However you may only submit the exam once. A successful passing score of 80% or better on the final exam, and completion of the course survey will allow you to print your own certificate of completion and complete requirements for earning the associated continuing education units for that course.

All online courses require internet access for reading/viewing course content. Both HTML pages and PDF files for each lesson are downloadable and printable for easy offline access.

Basics of Heat Treating

Online | Product code: 274013SP
Steel is the most common and the most important structural material. In order to properly select and apply this basic engineering material, it is necessary to have a fundamental understanding of the structure of steel and how it can be modified to suit its application. The course is designed as a basic introduction to the fundamentals of steel heat treatment and metallurgical processing.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

Heat Treating Furnaces and Equipment

Online | Product code: 274113SP
This course is designed as an extension of the Introduction to Heat Treatment course. It discusses advanced concepts in thermal and thermo-chemical surface treatments, such as case hardening, as well as the principles of thermal engineering (furnace design) and process trouble shooting.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

How to Organise and Run a Failure Analysis

Online | Product code: 23302K
Have you ever been handed a failure investigation and were not quite sure all the steps required to complete the investigation? Or perhaps you had to review a failure investigation and wondered if all the aspects had been properly covered? Or perhaps you read a failure investigation and wondered what to do next? The initial steps of a failure investigation set the direction and, in many cases, ensure a successful investigation or doom it to failure.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

Introduction to Composites

Online | Product code: I-00019595
Composites are a specialty material used at increasing levels throughout our engineered environment, from high-performance aircraft and ground vehicles to relatively low-tech applications in our daily lives. Professionals with responsibilities for products and systems that rely on composites will benefit from a deeper understanding of how these materials are made, how they are used, how they behave, and how they can fail. It is also important to understand that not all composite materials are the same, that certain types of composites are appropriate for certain applications, and that selecting, designing, manufacturing, and using these materials requires unique considerations. This course, designed for technical and non-technical professionals alike, provides an overarching introduction to composite materials. The course content is organized in a manner that guides the student from design to raw materials to manufacturing, assembly, quality assurance, testing, use, and life-cycle support.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

Medical Device Design Validation and Failure Analysis

Online | Product code: Product code: 230113SP
This course provides students with a fundamental understanding of the design process necessary to make robust medical devices. Fracture, fatigue, stress analysis, and corrosion design validation approaches are examined, and real-world medical device design validations are reviewed. Further, since failures often provide us with important information about any design, mechanical and materials failure analysis techniques are covered. Several medical device failure analysis case studies are provided.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgistâ„¢

Online | Product code: 21352K
An ideal first course for anyone who needs a working understanding of metals and their applications. It has been designed for those with no previous training in metallurgy, such as technical, laboratory, and sales personnel; engineers from other disciplines; management and administrative staff; and non-technical support staff such as purchasing and receiving agents who order and inspect incoming material.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

Metallurgy of Steel for the Non-Metallurgist

Online | Product code: 219213SP
This course provides essential knowledge to those who do not have a technical background in metallurgical engineering but have a need to understand more about the technical aspects of steel manufacturing, properties and applications.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

Practical Induction Heat Treating

Online | Product code: I-00019603
Taking a fundamentals approach, this course is presented as an introduction to the world of induction heat treating. The course will cover the role of induction heating in producing reliable products, as well as the considerable savings in energy, labor, space, and time it has. You will learn in-depth on topics such as selecting equipment, designs of multiple systems, current application, and sources and solutions of induction heat treating problems.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

Principles of Failure Analysis

Online | Product code: 23312K
Profit from failure analysis techniques, understand general failure analysis procedures and learn fundamental sources of failures. This course is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice of failure analysis.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

Titanium and Its Alloys

Online | Product code: 21422K
Titanium occupies an important position in the family of metals because of its light weight and corrosion resistance. Its unique combination of physical, chemical and mechanical properties make titanium alloys attractive for aerospace and industrial applications.
Price $1700 • Member Price $1500

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