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Oil and Gas Integrity Symposium 2021

Oil and Gas Integrity Symposium 2021

Date: 08-Sep-2021


8-10 September 2021 | Perth, WA

OGIS is an independent industry forum run biennially by members in the industry and has been running for over 30 years.

Its objective is to provide an independent forum where operating companies in the oil and gas industries (production, processing, refining, transportation) can freely and informally discuss issues - both technical and other - which concern them.



For those who have not attended an OGIS event, it is a great networking opportunity with others from the industry and we typically have 60 to 70 people in total. Attendees are permanent staff from upstream, downstream, petrochemical or pipeline operating companies or contractors/consultants who are working in an integrated way within an operating company;

  • The event is closed to vendors and all information discussed or presented is regarded as having confidential status.
  • The information shared is technical and non-commercial.
  • Information is presented with an emphasis on discussion and sharing experience and knowledge with the aim of catalysing discussion.
  • No proceedings are published; however presenters, may choose to distribute copies of their presentation to help others.
  • The subject matter is wide, ranging from hardware issues such as new/novel technology, RBI and risk management, failure case studies, corrosion management, coatings; through to soft issues such as organisational effectiveness, resource optimising, developing engineers, regulation and legislation.
  • The asset base discussed is wide and covers onshore and off-shore issues and has previously covered, piping, pipelines, vessels, tanks, FPSOs, etc..


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  • If you are able to share a presentation, please provide possible topics.
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