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QLD2021- Queensland Branch Webinar

QLD2021- Queensland Branch Webinar

Date: 21-Sep-2021


Tuesday 21st September 2021 | 5pm AEST

Transform your knowledge into faster and more efficient printer parameter and material development

by Matthias Kaiser, CEO of Exponential Technologies Ltd, Riga, Latvia


In classical manufacturing there are ~10 000 different materials available. However, in additive manufacturing there are currently only a few hundred available. The reason for this is that in additive manufacturing the material properties can be altered substantially by changing the printer parameters. This is one of the huge benefits of additive manufacturing, as material properties can be adjusted to fit specific use cases during manufacturing. On the other hand, this makes also the development of new materials and printer parameters extremely time and cost intensive. In this webinar we will explore the technology, our software application and case studies that show that artificial intelligence can revolutionize the parameter development procedure, can solve many R&D problems, and can accelerate the industrial application of additive manufacturing over the next few years.

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- Exponential Technologies Ltd.

Speaker Details

Matthias Kaiser is a Quantum-physicist with 9+ years experience in sales, business development and management with a passion for deep-tech and exponential technologies.


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