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VIC - 2016 - 18th Technologists Picnic

The 18th Annual Technologists’ Picnic

Source: Gary Bunn

The guest speaker at the 18th Annual Technologists' Picnic was Ben Schultz and he was ably supported by Dean McGeary.

Bastion Cycles ( was founded in 2015 by Ben and fellow co-founders, James Woolcock and Dean McGeary, and is already disrupting the customised bike frame market. Their company takes advantage of advanced manufacturing techniques; hence the geometry, stiffness and ride quality of the Bastion frame can be readily tailored to meet the needs of the individual rider. The fully customisable road bike frame is constructed using 3D-printed titanium lugs and frame parts bonded to filament wound carbon fibre tube sections.

Ben led the capacity audience through the various stages of establishing a small manufacturing company focused on delivering an excellent product to a niche market. The design considerations necessary in successfully evolving the 3D manufacture of the Titanium frame components was fascinating. The members of the audience responded with a torrent of questions which kept Ben and Dean and the staff of Sovereign Hill occupied well into the night. This resulted in an excellent evening spent with the usual members and partners of the five participating kindred materials organisations AusIMM, AFI, MA, EA and ACA.

Ben and Dean then generously suggested a "get-to-know-our-Bastion Cycles" ride on the following morning, so several local enthusiasts rose to the 7:00am challenge and enjoyed a brisk roll around the hills of Ballarat and district. Impressive!...although the pace of one of the locals wasn't quite so.

The pace of the rider in red was somewhat dubious.

Ben Schultz (Bastion Cycles) talking to a capacity room.



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