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June 2022 - final date and time to be advised

Increasing confidence in materials information for engineering,
simulation, sourcing and compliance


Making quick, smart and reliable choices in product development and support makes the whole process work better. Being able to do this for materials is a key part of the quality, performance and commercial success of a product or company.  Our presentation will look at where materials information can come from and be compared and used inside modern digital product development.  Also, discussing how the different departments or engineers within an organisation use materials information and the value of connecting those areas together.  Lastly, we will discuss how materials information can be part of the intellectual property within an engineering organisation and how it can be created, organised and protected.



Andy Reilly

Andy has over 30 years of engineering software experience, particularly the CAD, CAE, PLM and enterprise materials tools and processes. Based in the UK but managing projects across the world and sharing customer journeys from thinking a system could be useful to thousands of engineers relying on the data and collaboration that is possible within a modern engineering toolset.

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June 2022 - final date and time to be advised


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Total Materia

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