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SA Branch - University of South Australia Invited Seminar

05 August 2022

Invitation to members to University of South Australia 

Invited Seminar


5th August 2022


Start 11am at Mawson Lakes Campus, Building MM, room MM1-05


Join us for an Invited Seminar Series, featuring Dr Elias Arcondoulis from the Southern University of Technology, China.  


Seminar Title:

Design and application of structured porous media for passive flow and noise control of cylinders in uniform flow


Presentation Abstract:

A cylinder placed in a uniform flow will be subject to cyclical loading called vortex induced vibration and will generate an acoustic tone (known as the Aeolian tone) due to the shedding of vortices in the wake. Applying a porous coating to a cylinder can significantly reduce both the vibration and the Aeolian tone, yet the mechanism by which this occurs is not well understood. Typically, porous materials that possess a randomised structure (such as porous polyurethane) are used for such passive flow and noise control. However, investigations of how the external flow field enters and interacts with the porous layer and then emerges into the near-wall region is near impossible to achieve experimentally due to the complex and irregular geometry of the porous structure. To alleviate this problem, I designed a structured porous coated cylinder (SPCC) with similar porous properties and passive flow and noise control properties as porous polyurethane. The SPCC has regularly spaced pores that are both circular and elliptical in nature that allow for a direct line of sight into the porous layer in both the radial and spanwise directions. By manufacturing a transparent SPCC and placing it in a water tunnel, tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry is used to visualise both internal and near-wall flow fields of the SPCC in 3-D, resolved in time. The interpretation of these previously unseen flow fields reveals a deeper understanding of how all porous media are responsible for passive flow and noise control of cylinders in uniform flow. 


If you would like an opportunity to meet with Dr Arcondoulis, please contact Colin Hall to arrange a time.  Alternatively, stay for a chat after his seminar!

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05 August 2022




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Mawson Lakes Campus, Building MM, room MM1-05

SA Branch - University of South Australia Invited Seminar

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