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MTS commissions new Fatigue Testing machine

MTS commissions new Fatigue Testing machine

MTS Metallurgical Testing Services has recently commissioned its new 50 Ton capacity Cyclic Load Testing Machine.

The machine was selected due to its high quality load frame and hydraulic system and was completely refurbished by System Designer Patrick Furness to include advanced control equipment and a purpose-built cooling system. State of the art remote monitoring capability allows the operator to observe and control the operations day and night.

“This event brings together twelve months of evaluation, planning, testing and training and significantly enhances the range of services that we can offer” said Director Colin Lorrimar. “Already we have embarked on a program of fatigue testing of rail welds for Pilbara Heavy Haul Rail operators. Increased iron ore productivity targets and higher daily traffic has put the focus squarely on the activities of track maintenance teams in the Pilbara and we, as Metallurgists and Mechanical Testing experts, are here to support their efforts.”

To complete the project; aside from the significant financial investment in equipment; it was necessary for the MTS technical staff to undergo training in the techniques of strain gauge application and data processing using the latest advances in stress/strain hardware and software. This was welcomed by the staff and the opportunity to gain high level skills was approached with excitement and enthusiasm. Alex Khomoutov, a Senior Technician who has been with the company for four years, said “It makes the job very interesting and it’s a pleasure to be doing this work.”

“Building technical capability with new equipment, knowledge and skills has been a key element of the MTS Metallurgy philosophy since its inception back in 2006 and this project has demonstrated that the spirit of innovation is still very much alive within the company” Colin said.

For further information, please direct enquiries to: John Carroll, General Manager (08) 9418 6380

Alex Khomoutov at the controls of the 
newly-commissioned Fatigue Testing machine


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