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World-Class Research Facility Joins Materials Australia

World-Class Research Facility Joins Materials Australia

World-Class Research Facility Joins Materials Australia

Australian Synchrotron uses accelerator technology to produce beams of light that are many times more powerful than the sun in order to provide researchers with advanced X-ray and infrared radiation technologies. This technology isn’t available in normal laboratories making Synchrotron a top destination for researchers in fields ranging from medicine, to defence as well as the manufacturing and materials industries.

Materials Australia is honoured to have such a respected contributor to scientific research as part of its community. At any of Synchrotron’s nine experimental stations, researchers can use these intense beams of light to gain unprecedented insight into the fundamental composition and structure of materials, from the atomic to the microscopic scale.

The research and knowledge gained at these stations have been used for the scientific advancement and benefit of a number of industries and scientific fields. It has provided the pharmaceutical industry with the ability to analyse viruses, assisted the natural resource industry in reducing scaling in pipelines and given Australian biomedicine a world-class diagnostic tool. It has also allowed to the manufacturing and materials industry to analyse stresses in engineered components and deepen the understanding of crucial materials such as alloys, polymers, adhesives and coatings.

It’s incredibly exciting to welcome Synchrotron onboard and we look forward to enjoying a front-seat view to all the game-changing developments that will take place within the Synchrotron facility.

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