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Case Hardening of Steel

Digital Short Course

Case hardening is an important part of heat treating and is particularly useful for the manufacture of machine parts, carbon steel forgings and carbon steel pinions.

In many metallurgical applications, strength is of minor importance and wear resistance is the major consider­ation. In other applications where wear resistance is still the prime consideration, a high level of strength and considerable toughness are also required. To produce these conditions, it is necessary to employ specialized techniques that result in a relatively thin surface layer of the steel being space hardened. This thin layer is termed the case and the technique to produce the layer is termed case hardening. ­In this self-guided digital course, students will learn – with the help of rich visuals, narrated animations, and interactive quizzes – the different case hardening processes including carburizing, carbonitriding, and nitriding; quenching of case hardened parts; induction hardening; and the various types of furnaces used in commercial heat treating processes.


Target Audience

  • Design Engineers
  • Operators
  • Technicians
  • Process Engineers
  • QA Managers
  • Product Development Specialists
  • Sales and Purchasing Professionals
  • Anyone with an interest in metallurgy


 Learning Objectives:

  • List the reasons for case hardening
  • Outline the advantages of carburizing, carbonitriding, nitriding, and induction surface hardening
  • Describe in general the operation of batch-type and continuous fur­naces
  • Compare surface hardening by induction to other processes
  • Give the reasons for quenching of case-hardened parts
  • Differentiate between effective case depth and total case depth


Things you need to know

Special instructions

Course Length- 1.5-2hrs

Access details- The course will be available for viewing for 60 days from the registration date.

Reference materials included- pdf of the lesson

Communication: Access to course materials requires a unique email address for the student enrolled. All communications concerning the status of the class will be accomplished by email. It is the responsibility of the class registrant to ensure that a valid email address has been supplied and email filter settings are not preventing delivery of emails from ASM International-email.


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Case Hardening of Steel

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