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Materials Australia Publications Committee:

Distinguished Prof. Ma Qian (Publications Chair), RMIT University
A/Prof. Jonathan Tran, RMIT University
A/Prof. Ondrej Muránsky, ANSTO

Materials Australia has the following publications:

Materials Australia Magazine

Materials Australia Magazine brings together commentary from leading industry professionals and subject-matter experts to provide high quality editorial on the pertinent issues facing materials professionals. We cover a broad range of topics, from engineering and metallurgy, to light alloys, new metals, ceramics and composites.

Distributed nationally to approximately 5,000 readers, the readership of Materials Australia Magazine is targeted. A high percentage of our readers are senior decision makers with real purchasing power.

The mostly widely read magazine within its market, Materials Australia readers come from major professional firms involved in R&D, as well as universities, government and other research institutions.

If your business is active in one of these areas, then Materials Australia Magazine is the perfect opportunity to promote your business directly to decision makers within the materials industry.

Whether it’s a letter to the editor, a new staff appointment, or a technical paper, Materials Australia encourages members to contribute to the magazine. We consider all editorial contributions. Submit yours today:

Materials Australia Magazine


Materials Forum

First published in 2007, Materials Forum is a compilation of papers submitted by researchers in universities, national laboratories and industry. Production of Materials Forum ceased in 2014 but we still have all prior year releases available for purchase.

All contributions were subject to a stringent and independent process of peer-review. The success of any journal is critically dependant on the efforts of these reviewers, who read the manuscripts on the Editors’ behalf and provide the authors with constructive criticism.

Materials Forum


Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering (AJME)

The Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering is the peer-reviewed technical journal of Mechanical College of Engineers Australia. The journal aspires to be one of the top-ranking premier source of research and innovation in the science and practice of mechanical and mechatronic engineering in Australasia and around the world, and seeks to disseminate high impact publications that will advance the practice of engineering.

The AJME publishes Australasian technical research and innovative practice in mechanical and mechatronic engineering. The journal can be read through Taylor & Francis Online via the link below.

Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering

In 2021, Materials Australia (MA) initiated a collaboration with Engineers Australia for publication by the members of MA in Australian Journal of Mechanical Engineering (AJME). The AJME is an established peer-reviewed technical journal of the Mechanical College of Engineers Australia. It is published by Taylor & Francis and currently included in all major databases of peer-reviewed literature. 

According to the Agreement reached with Engineers Australia, MA has the flexibility of contributing to the December issue of AJME each year for up to 80 printed pages or about 10 articles by its members. As the first outcome of this initiative, following a Call for Contributions on 15th April 2021, MA, through its Publication Committee,  solicited 10 peer-reviewed articles for the AJME December issue of 2021, with a special focus on additive manufacturing (Guest Editors: Prof Ma Qian and Dr Jonathan Tran of RMIT University). The titles of these articles are listed below. They can be viewed Members are able to download the pdf versions through the member portal.

Superior tensile properties in additively manufactured Ti alloys
A. Zafari, P. Chandran and K. Xia  

Application of wire arc additive manufacturing for repair of Monel alloy components
O.O. Marenych, A.G. Kostryzhev, Z. Pan, H. Li and S. van Duin 

Additive manufacturing, the path to industrialisation at CSIRO
Robert Wilson, Shiqin Yan, Christian Doblin, Nazmul Alam, Daniel East, Daniel Liang, Alejandro Vargas-Uscategui, Andrew Urban, Emma Regos, Saden Zahiri, Peter C. King, Stefan Gulizia, Gary Savage, Darren Fraser, Sri Lathabai, Kishore Venkatesan, David Ritchie, Kun Yang, Ling Chen and Geoffrey de Looze 

Improving the accuracy and reliability of temperature field simulation during laser metal deposition
Dongze Chen, Raj Das, Shenglu Lu, Ma Qian and Dong Qiu 

On bioinspired 4d printing: materials, design and potential applications
Yun Lu Tee and Phuong Tran 

Nonlinear thermal simulation of laser metal deposition
Diego Montoya-Zapata, Juan M. Rodríguez, Aitor Moreno, Oscar Ruiz-Salguero and Jorge Posada 

Architectured hierarchical porous metals enabled by additive manufacturing
Tingting Song, Xuezhe Zhang, Haozhang Zhong, Milan Brandt and M. Qian 

Microstructure control by heat treatment for better ductility and toughness of Ti-6Al-4V produced by laser powder bed fusion
Kun Zhang, Wen Hao Kan, Yang Liu, Xiang Gao, Yuman Zhu, Samuel Chao Voon Lim, Huizhi Peng and Aijun Huang 

Development of high entropy alloys in Australia: a review
Surinder Singh, Ashok Meghwal, Paul Munroe, Christopher C. Berndt and Andrew S. M. Ang 

A review on wireless sensors fabricated using the low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology
Yongxiang Li and Xiangyang Guo

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