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Claude A Stewart Award

“The Claude A Stewart Award was originally a Branch Award in both Sydney and Melbourne. It was made possible by an endowment from Steel Improvement Pty Ltd to commemorate the work of Claude A Stewart (the founder of Steel Improvement) in the field of heat treatment. Consequently it was constrained to honour the author of an outstanding to honour the author if an outstanding paper on heat treatment published by the Institute. … The founding of the medal owed much to the enthusiasm and drive of Ron Atkin. In 1963 it became a Federal Award and subsequently the conditions were broadened to include papers relevant to the field of heat treatment.”

From R.C.GifkinsAIM-IMMA 50 Years Records and Recollections.IMMA, 1996.

The award is based on achievement where the principal evidence may be other than published papers. In 1995, it was decided that the award “may be made once each calendar year to an individual, group of individuals or a Company/Organisation that has made a significant contribution to the industrial practice of metallurgy or materials engineering. This Award is open to both members and non-members”.

Claude A Stewart Award Recipients

  • 2021HTA Group
  • 2014Hofmann Engineering
  • 2010Graham Lancaster
  • 2000E.D.Doyle
  • 1999T.Guler
  • 1991R.W.Reynoldson
  • 1982J.H.Mahoney
  • 1981J.M.Killey
  • 1980P.M.Robinson
  • 1979J.K.Anderson
  • 1975R.L.Every&M.Hatherly
  • 1973N.A.Burley
  • 1969J.K.MacDonald&W.M.Lock
  • 1967J.S.Hoggart & R.H.Moller
  • 1966R.C.Gifkins
  • 1964P.N.Richards

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