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Honorary Membership

Any person (whether a member of the Institute or not), who in the opinion of the National Council has contributed conspicuously to or is eminent in any of the branches of metallurgy or materials engineering in which the Institute is interested or who has rendered outstanding service to the Institute may be appointed Honorary Fellow. Direct applications for Honorary Member or Fellow will not be considered – award is by nomination only. Award nominations may be made by any MA member, branch or member of National Council.

Applications shall be supported by biographical and other appropriate written evidence of achievement, signed by the person nominating and endorsed by the signature of the local Branch President. The proposal must be sent to the Chairman of the Awards Committee via MA head office at least 90 days prior to the next National Council meeting (date can be provided by the MA Head Office).

The proposal will be considered by the Awards Committee and if deemed acceptable, the application will be put to National Council for consideration and acceptance.  Approval for admission to grade of Fellow must be given by at least a 75% majority of Council members. If insufficient members of the Council are present at the meeting in person or by proxy, then a postal ballot shall be held.

The award shall consist of free Fellowship for life to the recipient and an accompanying Certificate of Honorary Fellowship stating the reason(s) for the award.

There shall not be more than 20 Honorary Fellows at any one time and no more than 2 Honorary Fellows shall be appointed in any twelve-month period.

The award shall be made by the local Branch President at the earliest appropriate branch meeting following confirmation of award.



  • 2016Trevor Finlayson
  • 2014Robert O'Donnell
  • 2013Ron Cecil
  • 2007Greg Tegart
  • 2007Ian Polmear
  • 1994R.B.Nethercott
  • 1993J.J.Byrnes
  • 1992D.W.Borland
  • 1991L.M.Hogan
  • 1990N.F.Kennon
  • 1988G.G.Brown
  • 1983F.W.Fahy
  • 1983H.Muir
  • 1982J.W.Thompson
  • 1981R.H.Myers
  • 1980J.G.Ritchie
  • 1979A.J.Berry
  • 1978A.I.McRitchie
  • 1978H.H.Freeland
  • 1975R.C.Gifkins
  • 1973A.F.Dunbar
  • 1972B.H.Garnsey
  • 1969R.J.B.Pearson
  • 1967K.E.Gerard
  • 1964E.D.Connor
  • 1963J.N.Kirby
  • 1958A.O.Ashton
  • 1958H.H.Wilson
  • 1955E.J.Raymond
  • 1955R.H.M.Rowe
  • 1951C.Blazey
  • 1951R.S.Russell
  • 1950J.H.Banks
  • 1949D.Clark
  • 1948J.A.Edgerton
  • 1947Essington Lewis
  • 1947W.N.Barron

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