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Type:  Site Visit | Date: 09 May 2022 6pm

WA Insulated Panels – Build a Better Way

Insulated Panels – Build a Better Way
Speaker: Alex Dennis, National Business Development Manager, Kingspan

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Type:  Conference | Date: 01-03 June 2022 (rescheduled)

CAMS 2022 - Advancing Materials & Manufacturing Join Australia's largest interdisciplinary technical meeting

Our technical program will cover a range of themes identified by researchers and industry as issues of topical interest.CAMS2021 is part of an ongoing series of meetings that are the product of the cooperation between two eminent materials professional societies in Australia – Materials Australia (MA) and the Australian Ceramic Society (ACS).

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Type:  Site Visit | Date: 13 June 2022 6pm

WA - Solar Glass – A Renewable Energy Resource

Solar Glass – A Renewable Energy Resource
Speaker: Victor Rosenberg, Executive Chairman, ClearVuePV.  At ClearVue Technologies, we see a world where nearly all buildings and other surfaces become solar photovoltaic (PV) collection sources and a key part of the response to the climate crisis

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Type:  Conference | Date: 27June - 01July 2022

PTM2022 - 8th International Conference on Solid to Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials

It is our pleasure to announce that the 8th International Conference on Solid→Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials (PTM2022) will be held in Xi’an, China from June 27th to July 1st, 2022. The goal of PTM2022 is to bring together international experts on solid→solid state phase transformation from academia and industry to meet and discuss their research each other in a friendly atmosphere.

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Type:  Webinar | Date: 06 July 2022 5pm AEST

Material selection, choice and its importance to engineers

Making quick, smart and reliable choices of materials is a key part of the quality, performance and commercial success of a product or company.  This presentation will look at where materials information can come from and be compared and used inside modern digital product development.

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Type:  Workshop/Seminar | Date: Thursday, 21 Jul 2022

Materials Innovations in Process Engineering and Batteries 2022

Materials Australia is excited to invite you to a seminar on the latest materials and maintenance advancements for chemical process engineering and the emerging battery chemicals market to be held at the AMC Jakovich Centre in Henderson, south of Perth. The seminar date will now be on 21 July 2022.

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Type:  Presentation Event | Date: September 2022

CMatP Mini-Conference

Our NSW Branch is holding its popular CMatP Mini-Conference again in September 2022. More information and booking details coming your way soon!

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Type:  Conference | Date: 04-08 September 2022


We will be delighted to welcome scientists from academia and industry to exchange through discussions on the science and application of Aluminium Alloys. The coastal city of Toyama, with its scenic natural environment, will provide the ideal location to host our conference. We hope that ICAA18 will allow participants from all over the world to get to know and inspire each other,and to encourage young researchers and students who will lead the future of aluminium. We look forward to your attendance at ICAA18 in Toyama, Japan!

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Type:  Conference | Date: 27-29 September 2022

MSE 2022

MSE Congress is the leading international Materials Science and Engineering Congress in Germany. The scientific program features world-renowned experts and aspiring young researchers.

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Type:  Workshop/Seminar | Date: 28 - 30 September 2022

Early career women in STEMM paper and grant writing workshop

A workshop designed for ECR women aimed at strengthening the scientific writing and critical thinking skills of Australia’s next generation of scientists and academics in STEMM. This workshop will provide an opportunity for ECRs to build on their scientific writing skills and gain inspiration from mentors and like-minded researchers, forming a valuable component of their academic career development.

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Type:  Presentation Event | Date: 29 November - 01 December 2022

CSIRO Cutting Edge Symposium on Self-Assembly Meets Additive Manufacturing

This symposium will explore the state-of-the-art and new ideas to bridge the gap between additive manufacturing (AM) and self-assembly (SA). These two methods, working together at scale will enable automated, programmable, and efficient manufacture of functional parts with macro and nanoscale features. The conference will be chaired by CSIRO’s Science Leader in Active Materials, Dr Antonella Sola.

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Type:  Conference | Date: 16-17 March 2023

DRMS 2023

The first International Conference on Durability, Repair and Maintenance of Structures will take place at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) on the 16th and 17th of March 2023.

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Type:  Conference | Date: 21-23 June 2023

APICAM 2023 - 3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Additive Manufacturing

The 3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (APICAM) was created to provide an opportunity for industry professionals and thinkers to come together, share knowledge and engage in the type of networking that is vital to the furthering of the additive manufacturing industry.

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Type:  Conference | Date: 09-13 July 2023

LMT 2023 - 10th International Light Metals Technology Conference (rescheduled from 2022)

The biennial Light Materials Technology (LMT) conference is a significant industry event that was created in order to provide an opportunity to industry professionals and researchers to come together, share knowledge and engage in networking that enables the industry to continue to flourish and innovate.

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