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Induction Heating



ASM International has developed this course covering the entire spectrum of induction heating technology. Written by industry experts, it covers the role of induction heating in producing reliable products, often with considerable savings in energy, labor and time.

Taking a fundamentals approach, the basic principles of induction heating are presented as an introduction. With this as background, methods of selecting equipment, frequency, and power; designing coils; and installing such as heating prior to hot working, heat treating, welding and brazing and melting are described in depth. A lesson on special applications, particularly those involving non-metals, is included to illustrate the wide range of uses of induction heating. The final lesson deals with the important questions of system safety and process economics.

This course was developed in cooperation with the EPRI Center for Materials Fabrication. A scientific calculator is required for this course.


Target Audience

Process, electrical, and manufacturing engineers, as well as heat treating personnel will benefit from this course. Technicians, metallurgists, design personnel, industrial engineers and methods analysts will also derive value from this course. Some exposure to basic electrical concepts is desirable.


Required Pre-Requisites

A strong mathematical background.


Course Outline

Introduction: history and background, principles and theory, overview of applications, basics of power supplies

Power Supplies and Auxiliary Equipment: components of induction heating systems, power supply equipment, specific power supplies, water cooling/control systems, system control

Coil Design and Selection: theory and concepts, coil design

Preheating Prior to Hot Working : principles and theory, applications, coil and equipment selection, effects of materials variables, system control

Induction Heat Treatment: fundamentals of heat treatment, equipment selection and processing parameters, technical considerations, applications

Induction Brazing, Soldering and Welding: process capabilities, basic principles, filler/joining metals, assembly and fixturing, applications, principles of high frequency welding, pipe and tube welding, special welding applications, metallurgical considerations

Induction Melting: types of furnaces, principles and theory, applications, miscellaneous

Part Handling Systems and Process Control: introduction, handling equipment, control systems, automation

Special Applications: plastics, packaging, electronics, glass, miscellaneous

Safety and Economics: economics of power sources, ancillary costs, cost analysis of applications, safety considerations

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Induction Heating

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