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Metallographic Techniques, Part 1

Digital Short Course

Metallography is the science that describes the constituiton and structures of metals by using microscopy. Metallography is used in almost all stages during the lifetime of a component, from the intial materials development to production, manufacturing process control and even failure analysis when required. Good metallographic techniques are essential to obtaining accurate results in the analyses. The modern specium preparation procedures involve sectioning,  mounting (cast and compression), grinding, and polishing. In this self-guided digital course, students will learn - with the help of rich visuals, narrated animations, demonstration videos and interactive quizzes  - the various metallographic techniques involved in the specimen sampling and preparation.

Metallographic Techniques, Part 1 talks about the different parts of microscope and discusses the various techniques that can be used to measure and quantify the microstructural features of a specimen.

Target Audience

  • Design Engineers
  • Operators
  • Technicians
  • Process Engineers
  • QA Managers
  • Product Development Specialists
  • Sales and Purchasing Professionals

Course Outline

  • Describe modern specium preparation procedures: sectioning, mounting (cast and compression), grinding, and polishing
  • Explain the factors to be considered in selecting proper consumables and techniques for sectioning, mounting, grinding, and polishing
  • Describe the laboratory equipment - cutoff machines, mounting presses, electropolisher, and automated grinding/polishing machines
  • Discuss etching and etchants - chemical, electrolytic, anodizing, color etching, and selective etching


Things you need to know

Special instructions

Course Length- 1.5-2hrs

Access details- The course will be available for viewing for 60 days from the registration date.

Reference materials included- pdf of the lesson

Communication: Access to course materials requires a unique email address for the student enrolled. All communications concerning the status of the class will be accomplished by email. It is the responsibility of the class registrant to ensure that a valid email address has been supplied and email filter settings are not preventing delivery of emails from ASM International-email.

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Metallographic Techniques, Part 1

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