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Practical Induction Heat Treating


Taking a fundamentals approach, this course is presented as an introduction to the world of induction heat treating. The course will cover the role of induction heating in producing reliable products, as well as the considerable savings in energy, labor, space, and time it has. You will learn in-depth on topics such as selecting equipment, designs of multiple systems, current application, and sources and solutions of induction heat treating problems.

To assist with your overall understanding of the material, examples will be provided throughout the course. The final lesson will be all about the important questions of system maintenance.

Practical Induction Heat Treating is included as a PDF when taking this course.

Target Audience

  • Engineers
  • Heat treating personnel
  • Technicians
  • Metallurgists
  • Design personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Industrial engineers


Learning Objectives

  • Troubleshoot problems with existing processes and equipment
  • Make technically founded corrected actions
  • Approach coil design to produce the required hardened pattern
  • Perform cost analysis of an induction process
  • Establish an effective process and quality plan for induction processes

Course Outline

  • History and Background
  • Induction Heat Treatment
  • Induction Theory
  • Power Supplies and Auxiliary Equipment
  • Heating and Quenching Coil Selection and Design
  • Decarburization and Material Defects
  • Applications of Induction Heat Treatment
  • Design of an Induction Hardening Process
  • Induction Standards
  • Non Conforming Product and Process
  • Quality Systems and Quality Control
  • Regular and Preventative Maintenance

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Practical Induction Heat Treating

Members: $1870
Non Members: $1980

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