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Thermal Spray Technology



Thermal spray technology provides a cost-effective solution for many applications requiring resistance to wear, heat and corrosion. Processes including electric arc combustion and plasma spray coatings can apply almost any material to the surface of another. Coating systems must be engineered and applied correctly to operate as an overlay surface. This course provides an understanding of thermal spray processing science as well as applications and practice. You will learn how thermal spray processing interacts with the materials it is designed to protect.


Target Audience

This course, directed toward technologists and technicians, provides an understanding of thermal spray processing science as well as applications and practice


Course Outline

  • Surface Science -- wear, corrosion, hardening, carburizing, nitriding, electroplating, electroless plating, phosphating, vapor deposition, hardfacing
  • Equipment & Theory -- history, methodology, flame spray coating, HVOF, D-gun, electric-wire-arc coating, plasma spray, material feed, cooling, gas supply, controls
  • Processing & Design -- bonding, cleaning, processing, masking, temperature control, spray pattern, process variation, automation, fusing, densification, finishing, stripping
  • Materials -- material production methods, particle classification methods, quality control, material specification, standards
  • Applications -- aerospace, automotive, biomedical, ceramic & glass, marine, non-skid, electronics, printing, processing industries, textiles
  • Testing & Characterization -- sectioning, mounting, grinding, polishing, etching, hardness testing tensile adhesion/cohesion, powder /chemistry/phase

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Thermal Spray Technology

Members: $1870
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