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Titanium and Its Alloys


Course Overview

Titanium occupies an important position in the family of metals because of its light weight and corrosion resistance. Its unique combination of physical, chemical and mechanical properties make titanium alloys attractive for aerospace and industrial applications.


Learning Objectives

  • Mechanical properties and testing of alloys
  • Learn about working, joining and machining of titanium
  • General characteristics of titanium and its alloys
  • Means of fabricating titanium components from melting through machining
  • Why titanium may or may not be the right answer for you
  • Detailed descriptions of titanium alloys and their applications


Course Outline

  • History & Extractive Metallurgy: historical background; occurrences; metal winning; metal titanium; properties & alloying behaviour; economics; problem areas; extractive metallurgy; reduction processes; electrolytic winning; comparisons.
  • Solidification & Phase Diagrams: liquid metals & alloys; phase equilibria; progressive solidification; nucleation; solidification mechanisms.
  • Principles of Alloying Titanium: atomic & lattice structure; physical properties; alloying elements; phase stabilisation; alloy types.
  • Principles of Beta Transformation & Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloys: beta transformation; equilibrium phase relationships; phase diagrams; metastable beta phase; omega; beta prime; transformation kinetics; heat treatment; Ti-Al alloy.
  • Deformation & Recrystallisation of Titanium & Titanium Alloys: texture strengthening; strain hardening; recrystallisation.
  • Mechanical Properties & Testing of Titanium Alloys: tensile strength; elevated temperature properties; ductility; creep & stress rupture; fatigue strength; toughness.
  • Metallography of Titanium and Its Alloys: review of physical metallurgy; terminology; effect of fabrication & thermal treatment on microstructure.
  • Melting, Casting, & Powder Metallurgy: conventional vacuum arc remelting; trends in titanium melting; casting technology and trends; hot isostatic pressing; weld repair; heat treatment; microstructural & mechanical properties; titanium powder metallurgy; blended elemental; prealloyed; rapid solidification; future developments.
  • 9. Primary Working: crystal structure; influence on deformation; forging; ingot breakdown; protective coatings; titanium processing; intermediate conditioning; forged billets & bars; rolling; GFM radial precision forging machines; rolled rod & bar; sheet & plate; strip & foil; hot & cold rolling; extrusion; lubrication; sejournet glass process; wire & tube processing; seamless pipe & tubing.
  • Secondary Working of Bar & Billet: physical metallurgy; forging; extrusion; microstructure and mechanical properties; surface effects of heating.
  • Secondary Working of Titanium Plate, Sheet, Strip & Tubing: forming temperatures; handling & cleaning; lubricants; tooling material; methods.
  • Joining Titanium & Its Alloys: welding; welding procedures; brazing; soldering; adhesive bonding; mechanical fastening; riveting; thread fastening.
  • Machining & Chemical Shaping: machining behaviour; machining requirements; milling titanium; turning, facing, and boring; drilling titanium; surface grinding; broaching; tapping; flame cutting; chemical & electrochemical machining.
  • Corrosion: theory; reactions; potentials; polarisation; forms; inhibitors; localised attack; galvanic; erosion; environmental cracking; prevention; chemical & related applications.
  • Applications of Titanium: early applications; material availability; aerospace; industrial; engineering properties; corrosion resistance; properties; fabrication; medical; consumer; power utility; marine; miscellaneous.


Who Should Enrol:

  • Personnel who are engaged directly in production and fabrication
  • Metallurgists
  • Technicians
  • Designers
  • Quality control personnel
  • Salespersons
  • Purchasing agents

Continuing Education Units 2.8

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Titanium and Its Alloys

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