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WA Branch March 2022

“Heat treatment of 6000 Series Al Alloys: What can go wrong? A Case Study”


Ehsan Karaji, Senior Welding Engineer - Maritime Sustainment, BAE


Aluminium is the second most abundant metal on earth and it can be developed to have a wide range of mechanical properties. Alloys are developed from high purity aluminium. They are light weight and have excellent fabricability, mechanical and corrosion properties, combined with high electrical and thermal conductivity.


This properties makes for interesting requirements when considering the heat treatment of 6000 series aluminium alloys, so that design requirements are achieved for successful operation. The question to always ask is: “What can go wrong?”.


Ehsan got his BSc. Materials Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology. He started his career as materials engineer in Oil and Gas Projects in southern Iran focusing on selection of materials for oil storage tanks, which then slightly shifted to welding aspects of materials engineering. This lead to obtaining his IWE and he started working as a materials and welding engineer for Pressure vessel manufacturing companies. Ehsan has been working as Senior Welding Engineer at BAE Systems Australia since 2016, and is now involved with defence sustainment projects for naval vessels.







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WA Branch March 2022


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