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The electronic Key to Steel - Stahlschlüssel on CD-ROM offers you complete new possibilities

  • Decode / decipher steel designations and find equivalent materials worldwide
  • Direct access to standard numbers, symbols and designations (also with jokers)
  • Search of materials by chemical composition or mechanical / physical properties with optimized algorithm
  • Listing of all materials within a standard
  • Direct comparison of international designation
  • All German suppliers of a defined material (rough classification to shape of delivery)
  • Printed report of the selected record
  • Standard letter function for suppliers addresses
  • Export/Import-function of material numbers, symbols and compositions for individual materials
  • Choice of language (German, English, French or a user-defined language)
  • Online-Helps, self-explaining screens

Categories contained

  • Structural and constructional steels
  • General structural steel, case hardening steel, nitriding steel, free cutting-steel, heat-treatable steel, ball and roller bearing steel, spring steel, steel for superficial hardening, steel for cold extrusion, tough at subzero steel, pressure vessel steel, heat resisting structural steel, fine grained structural steel
  • Tool steels
  • Carbon tool steel, high speed steel, hot work tool steel, cold work tool steel
  • Valve steels
  • High temperature steels and alloys
  • Nonmagnetizable steels
  • Heat-resisting steels
  • Heat conducting alloys
  • Stainless steels
  • Stainless steel castings
  • Welding filler materials


Indispensable for

  • the mechanical engineer
  • the designer
  • the technical merchant
  • the store man
  • the standards department
  • the production
  • the export department
  • the heat-treating department
  • the purchaser
  • the materials testing department
  • everyone dealing with steel


Standalone version (local)

Standalone with access authorisation for a single named user

  • 1 User - $1,100.00

Network licenses

Multi-user (floating license) versions, for one geographical company site

Floating license (multi user version) with access authorisation for as much as desired named users within one company. The simultaneous use is limited in each case by the acquired number of users. All named users can successively access our database. The standard license permits user accesses exclusively (only) from one named (geographical) location.

  • 1 User - $1,265.00
  • 3 Users - $2,035.00
  • 5 Users - $3,080.00

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