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Understanding Test Certificates

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A one day course intended for inspectors, supply officers and all those who use standards to specify materials provided by others. It outlines the type of information that test certificates contain and considers the meaning of test result variations from the specification.

The course has been prepared by practical consultants who have both prepared and interpreted test certificates over many years

The scope includes:

  • Typical chemical analysis results for iron and steels, copper and aluminium alloys and, for steel, the effects of composition variations. The expected accuracy of analysis techniques is also outlined.
  • Mechanical tests and their terminology including tensile, impact and hardness testing.
  • Metallurgical and corrosion testing and results.
  • How important are variations and the legal conventions.
  • Typical test methods for welds.
  • Accreditation of laboratories and personnel including quality systems, the NATA stamp, NDT certification and AICIP Scheme

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Understanding Test Certificates

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