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About the Magazine:

Materials Australia Magazine is the official publication of Materials Australia which is a technical society of Engineers Australia.

Materials Australia provides technical materials support to those in the materials engineering, manufacturing and research industries.

Materials Australia magazine is published 4 times a year and includes regular features such as Materials News, Events, Profiles, Research and Development, Equipment Guides and much more.

About Materials Engineering

Materials draws together different fields, specialisations and industries like no other area of science.

Materials Australia journal covers all these areas ranging from the traditional but changing world of metallurgy to the cutting edge of nanotechnology and it takes in the disciplines of chemistry, physics and biology.

The magazine appeals to industries including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, medical, mining and petrochemical, intersecting government, industry and academia.


Materials Australia journal has a fast growing circulation, with a print run of 3,000 magazines most of which are distributed directly to our members and universities Nationally. Our readership is estimated to be 8,000 per issue.

Additional copies are distributed at a variety of conferences and the new management are working to build this circulation daily, so please contact us for the latest information.

Importantly, the readership of Materials Australia magazine is targeted with the core demographic of readers being senior decision makers, materials professionals and others with real purchasing power.

Our readers are responsible for buying equipment and services in the areas of analysis, inspection, microscopy, testing, processing, coating, joining, bonding, adhesion, heat treatment and IT.

Our Corporate members include major industries involved in R&D as well as universities, government and other research institutions.



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